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What makes CUBE different?

When we’re asked, “what makes CUBE different from all the other sustainability awards in the built environment?” we talk about impact and community. Joining CUBE is not about the awards, it’s about the journey.

CUBE is unique in that we engage with participants across the duration of the competition, with monthly newsletters, candidate meetings hosted at participant buildings, and interviews held to keep up the momentum. Unlike other awards, we don’t just focus on the end result and sole winners, we celebrate the wins throughout the programme, so that just participating makes you a winner.

CUBE is also more than an awards programme – we're a route to improvement and changing workplace behaviours for the better. Through demonstrating to participants what others can achieve, we highlight what is possible in terms of energy savings, and we encourage businesses to implement more improvements to attain the best results possible.

Once these measures are applied, we urge organisations to continue to keep them in place long after the 12-month competition period has ended, which reinforces the essence of CUBE and that it’s about changing behaviour forever, not just a year.

In fact, 90% of green teams over the past six years in the France edition have stayed together to continue tackling energy and sustainability joint goals.

Because of this, CUBE isn’t competing with other benchmarks and awards. It should be seen as a tool to help drive action and impact towards those existing commitments. For us, success is about teamwork, community, and collaboration. That’s what makes CUBE unique.


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