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Collaboration: the only way to escape the worst of the climate crisis

As leaders from around the world come together to address the issue of climate change at COP26 later this week, the emphasis will be on working together to deliver a just and sustainable future for all.

Key to this will be collaboration and, as one of the main goals of the conference, we need to apply it across all industries to achieve greater results in tackling the climate crisis, especially in the built environment.

Driving change in a collaborative, fun, and engaging way is what CUBE is about. Through bringing together landlords, building managers and occupiers to create a community that takes action together, only then can the best results be attained. We also embrace the spirit of working together across buildings and sectors so that we can learn from each other about what is possible in terms of energy savings and encourage businesses to reduce their environmental impact even further.

This element of collaboration also encourages effective owner-occupier cooperation, which has been heard time and time again to be difficult to facilitate but forms a key part of any building’s net zero plan. In the long-term, this helps to build strong relationships for the future and encourages more communication around investment decisions that take into account key stakeholders, even supporting increased uptake of ambitious green leasing.

Our emphasis on stakeholder collaboration also helps to remove some of the uncertainty associated with taking climate action. We understand that some organisations don’t feel that they have the perfect climate action or net zero plan in place, or perhaps that they feel they can only make changes in areas where they have the most experience and avoid addressing others. This is why CUBE goes way beyond being a competition - it’s a learning process for all.

As highlighted in a recent article by the BBC, taking action is a key factor in tackling climate change as it provides key lessons learned early on that others can also learn from. In summary, “Action not words”.

If you’d like to learn more on the topic of collaboration and how it can help the UK meet its net zero goals, join the team in attending some of the ‘Build Better Now’ events, such as the ‘A Human Future: A new Skills Paradigm for our transition to zero carbon’ webinar, to examine how cross sector collaboration can deliver on our net zero ambitions.


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