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Case Study

What we saw on our site visit to GNR8 was what it really means to innovate and scale emerging climate tech. For example, it was great to see solutions like Measurable. energy in practice

March 2022 - February 2023

Location: Watford

GNR8ClarendonRoad_RO Group.jpg

1 year achievements

2nd Place



 Budget overconsumed

Building characteristics


2,884 m2

total area 



Refurbishment completed


4 floors

with remodeled reception


Trend BMS System, VRV Air conditioning system, LED LG7 lighting Building systems


72 car parking & 4 EV charging bays


2 Passenger lifts


Fitwel (3 stars rating),

EPC (C rating)


Top actions

Management and behaviour

  • Conducted green meeting combined with CUBE to access and promote energy efficiency practices in and out of the office building

  • Circulated monthly newsletter and posters around the building for encouraging less energy usage

  • Engaged tenants in sustainability initiatives to encourage energy efficiency e.g., stair climbing challenge, using reusable cups

  • Used eco-nudge posters and green labels around key areas of the building to influence tenants' behaviour

  • Conducted building audits to look at further ways to further improve EPC rating of the building

  • Conducted energy audit to identify opportunities for improving energy efficiency

  • Reviewed Building management system with the help of consultancy to manage and control energy savings actions

Minor technical and re-programming

  • Installed LED lights and PIR (passive infrared) lights

  • Installed smart Plug sockets throughout common areas at GNR8 building that controls individual sockets based on usage patterns to reduce wasted energy (Project with Measurable Energy)

  • Organised building walk-throughs with M&E contractors to identify potential changes e.g., Phased dimmer switch lights in reception

  • Investigated 24/7 vs on/off energy patterns by Building management system to avoid unnecessary energy usage

  • Used software tools to improve building performance

  • Used InferSens technology for water flow and temperature sensor monitoring to detect Legionella risk in water systems


Don't just take it from us

What RO say

"CUBE provides a unique opportunity for us to collaborate with our tenants as we continue our journey to a more sustainable future. As a landlord, engagement with our tenants is paramount, and improving energy efficiency across our buildings is a key priority for us. CUBE is a first for the real estate sector and the competition comes at an important time"

- Edward Rowlandson, Group Managing Director, the RO

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