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Case Study
23 Queen Anne Street

This heritage building places innovation at the heart of its energy approach. It has transformed its floor spaces into modern, flexible work areas, emphasising material reuse for a strong embodied carbon story. We're proud of their impressive energy-saving achievements.

March 2022 - February 2023

Location: London

Howard de Walden - exterior-1 vF_edited.jpg

1 year achievements

3rd Place



 Budget overconsumed

Building characteristics


2,596 m2

total area 



Refurbishment completed

solar-panel (3).png

Photovoltaic cells & Green Roofs 


Trend BMS System

 Building systems



 Optimise water efficiency use


2 Passenger lifts




Top actions

Management and behaviour

  • Conducted regular monthly meetings of the Sustainability Taskforce involving cross-departmental collaboration to implement the sustainability strategy and ensure progress towards net zero. The CUBE competition was a recurring topic on the agenda during these meetings.

  • Actively engaged the Sustainability Taskforce by distributing CUBE newsletter to keep them updated energy savings progress

  • Involved the CUBE team to educate staff members about CUBE and the significance of energy efficiency

  • Shared CUBE Newsletter highlights (e.g., Rankings) with the entire company through company newsletters, internal notice board posts, and whole company meetings

Minor technical and re-programming

  • Implemented LED lighting across the entire building, ensuring energy-efficient lightning

  • Utilised light sensors in various areas of the office for automatic lighting control, except for meeting rooms which are equipped with manual switches

  • Implemented Demand Logic, a software platform that utilises building energy data to offer practical insights. This helps us identify inefficiencies, reduce energy consumption, lower costs, and enhance occupant wellbeing


Don't just take it from us

What Howard de Walden Estate say

"We are proud to be the first to sign up to CUBE. We must find new and innovative ways to reduce energy consumption in our buildings if we are to mitigate the impact of the built environment on climate change. It is the responsibility of us all, individually and collectively, and we hope that many more join this movement and take a positive step on the road to net zero."

- Laura Jockers, Head of Sustainability, the Howard de Walden Estate 

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