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The competition

How it works

CUBE leverages gamification through monthly rankings to get building occupier green teams, managers and landlords mobilised and motivated to cut energy usage throughout the competition year

How it works

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Step 1. You sign up

Gather your data, mobilise your teams, and start preparing for the competition now. Let the energy savings begin!

Official registration

Enter basic company and contact details to be used for billing purposes and to create your platform profile

Data submission

Log onto the platform to submit energy data and add as many users as needed.


You're a participant!

Step 2. We provide...

Here's a sneak peak at the a wide range of resources we provide to get you started on the CUBE journey and throughout the competition

AI-backed Platform

The candidate platform is used to enter your building data (both historical and current) and track your progress against other participants. It takes into account extreme weather days and occupancy levels to create a baseline against which your building will be measured.  You can view your progress and can always see your own ranking and others performance.

Candidate kit

Access technical building checklists, management guide, occupier-facing lunch and learn templates, stickers, and ready-to-go econudge posters to help kick off the initiative

Step 3. You make the impact!

Use our resources and apply to your context while leveraging the CUBE community to transform your building


Form Green Teams

CUBE provides guidelines and insight in how to create the most effective green teams. The goal is to form a cross-functional team of occupiers that can work alongside building managers. Use monthly rankings and quarterly meetings as an opportunity to bring green teams together and drive action for the following months.

Lead a building walkthrough

Once established, the first step is often for building managers to do a building walk-through with the green teams and wider set of occupiers so that both sides understand how things work to feed into an action plan.

3. You make an Impact.jpg

Chart an action plan

Green teams define an action plan with initiatives to test, including how to communicate more widely across the building. Eco-nudge posters, technical checklists, and management guide provided help speed up this process.

Communicate initiatives

It is important to ensure the entire building is aware they are participating in the competition, even while you are still developing an action plan. Try running an Awareness Day in the lobby. What other creative events could work for your building? Have fun with it!

Throughout the year...

We organise a number of meetings and events throughout the year to drive collaboration and keep the momentum going!

One of our quarterly meetings


Every month...

Every quarter...

Every few months...

Awards ceremony

Meet all your peers that you’ve grown with over the past year and find out who topped the league tables in the award categories!

Monthly newsletter

Newsletters highlight rankings of top performers alongside participant interviews, case studies, monthly challenges, top tips and the latest CUBE news

Quarterly meetings

Kick off meeting:

All participants gather together to meet each other and begin the competition!

Participant meetings:

Three meetings throughout the year will be used as a chance to share initiatives, discuss actions with peers, see what's worked and what hasn't and motivate each other to achieve further savings.

Regular media features

Through blogs and media features, we highlight the good work of participants while also exploring the current market around commercial real estate and the role of energy efficiency when thinking about net zero

Congratulations, you're a winner either way!

CUBE is so much more than just these yearly awards.

Whether you topped the leader board, or only managed to save a little, CUBE provides the much-needed catalyst and framework for internal engagement programmes on energy reduction that can be used for years to come.


Benefits and awards

What do I get out of it?

What are participants saying?

Apart from making the leaderboards, find out more about the benefits of joining CUBE as a participant, and what previous participants have to say about their experience.

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