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The Competition

Benefits & Awards

“We found CUBE very insightful, it has really pushed us to make some changes. Changing behaviour is very important – it’s not always easy to change the entire system, but little changes can make a huge difference.” -- Elizabeth Olulode, TOG

Benefits & Awards

What value does CUBE provide?

Drawing on 10 years of experience in Europe and a successful year in the UK, thousands of buildings have seen the benefits of gamification and community to meet their business and sustainability goals.


Aligning Teams & Occupiers

Brings landlords and occupiers together around a common goal through competition and fun.


Save Money and Carbon

Soaring energy prices and Net Zero goals make it even more important to grab the quick wins while you plan for the larger (and longer) retrofits.


Support Existing Initiatives

Achieve better scores on building certifications (NABERS, BREEAM, GRESB etc.) by showing real improvements in just one year.

Did you know? 


money saved across 30 buildings


energy slashed.

Enough to power London's underground and overground rail networks for almost a week 

What are the awarding catagories?

Historical Ranking

First, second and third ranked participants based on percentage difference from their own historical baselines

Absolute Value Ranking

First, second and third ranked participants based on consumption of their allocated building energy budget

Energy Intensity

Recognises and celebrates all participants that are on track to hit UKGBC office targets for energy intensity

Most Creative

Recognises the participating building which has been the most creative in encouraging and/or educating its tenants about energy savings and promoting behaviour change throughout the course of the CUBE competition

CUBE Champion

Celebrates a specific individual in or related to the participating building who has championed the competition on the ground. This could be from the landlord, property managers, facility managers, green team leaders or occupiers – anyone who ensured energy savings action and engagement in the buildings

Asset Class Champion

Awards the top-performing participant within each asset class. This award acknowledges participants who excel in reducing energy consumption within their specific asset types, such as offices, retail, industrial, or educational properties.

Who can register?

Registration eligibility

Am I elligible to register?

Many potential participants ask us this question, so we've created a comprehensive list of who can sign up and who, unfortunately, cannot. Find out on the Who Can Register page.

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