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Case Study
The Tootal Building

It was the busiest and most well-attended green team meeting we’ve ever been to. XLB and Ashdown Phillips clearly have a great relationship with their tenants, which is showcased in their incredible performance in CUBE

March 2022 - February 2023

Location: Manchester

Tootal Buildings (4).jpg

1 year achievements

3rd Place

in competition


energy savings

1,660,006 kWh

total savings

£ 500,173


Building characteristics


33,134 m2

total area 


Broadhurst - 1896

Lee - 1931





Broadhurst - 6 floors

Lee - 7 floors 


VRF air conditioning, Exposed heating and Cooling system 

Building systems


Cycle spaces - 167 

Car park bays - 147


5 Lifts (2 passenger, 2 disabled, 1 Goods) - Broadhurst 

3 Lifts (1 passenger, 1 disabled, 1 Goods) - Lee 

BREEAM In Use (Very Good), Active Score (Platinum)


Top actions

Management and behaviour

  • Hosted quarterly Green Group meetings to communicate best practices with tenants

  •  Shared monthly CUBE progress and sustainability reports with all occupiers with building updates, events and energy consumption both via email and site portals

  • Used Equiem (community platform) to engage and update all occupiers about building news or any sustainability initiatives

  • Circulated CUBE newsletter, informative eco-mail and green advertising on social media & site platforms

  • Used energy savings stickers in common areas of the buildings 

  • Uses digital screens in the reception area for promoting energy saving practices and displaying energy statistics

  • Committed to educate tenants about energy savings behaviour and effective practices, for example initiating ‘lights off working practice’ meaning the lights are switched off after completing the task to save energy

  • Shared monthly CUBE progress and sustainability reports with all occupiers with building updates, events and energy consumption both via email and site portals

Minor technical and re-programming

  • Continually upgraded the buildings lights to LEDs due to an ongoing renovation project both in common areas and tenant spaces 

  • Switched off reception and common area lights from 7pm to 6am

  • Used light sensors in parking and staircases areas of the building

  • Most of the building lights  were controlled PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensors

  • ​Depending upon the weather the boilers are switched off.

  • All the building boilers were turned off around April till October

  • All electricity procured by the Tootal  building is coming from renewable sources

  • Installed solar panels on the roof and  electric car charging to be installed in car park


Don't just take it from us

What XLB say

“Engaging with our occupiers is paramount to our net zero pathways and the competition provides a collaborative, visible platform from which to do this. Showcasing that listed heritage assets can operate efficiently is fundamental in ensuring that both occupiers and investors see value in retaining instead of replacing."

- Stephen Wormald, Associate Partner XLB Property

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