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Frequently asked questions

We are here to help you throughout the application process.


1. I am an occupier in a part of a building. Can I register?

Yes! A tenant can register;

  • Either directly by its own occupation;

  • Or by bringing together various tenants. In this case, the entity or primary user who participates in CUBE, is able to present the consolidated consumption of all the tenants participating.

If submetering is available, a single tenant in a multi-tenant building may enter even if majority of the building cannot. Note that you will simply be playing on a smaller scale compared to whole building participants.

The tenants are more easily united by the owner or the user of the building. In terms of organising the competition, a single contact for the building will be necessary.


2. Can an owner register with his tenants?

Absolutely! Registration is most often completed by the lessor and, in so doing, the following should be confirmed:

  • The owner is able to provide a reliable statement consolidating all of the site’s energy data.

  • Tenants should be made aware as soon as possible that they are part of the competition.

3. When is the deadline for registering?

Interested participants have up until one week before the Kick-off Event to register*. Buildings can take anywhere from one week to 9 months to mobilise, so it's never too early to get involved and start planning for your CUBE year of action.



4. Does my building need to be in a certain country to join?

Not at all. CUBE is an international program, which means candidates can register buildings from all over the world.

5. What type of buildings can I register?

Any commercial tertiary building can join the competition, provided the following is fulfilled.

For existing buildings:

  • Provide historical energy data for at least one full year.

  • Provide current energy data during the competition.

  • Have not undergone significant renovations or important works in the past year and/or during the competition.

For new or recently refurbished buildings:

  • Provide current energy data during the competition.

All participating buildings should be confident in the capacity of the teams involved to pursue the competition until its end. 

6. Do I enrol a building or a tenancy?

The entire building is entered as a participant.


If submetering is available, a single tenant in a multi-occupier building may enter if the entire building cannot. The competition can therefore also facilitate competition and rankings between occupiers in one single buildings where submetered information exists. 

7. How can I pay my participation fee?

Payment can be made via bank transfer. You will need to provide the information of an accounting representative as a point of contact. 

How it works

8. What do, I as a building owner, have to do?

As you enrol your buildings, it is key to get tenants onboard. This is also an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and align on sustainability objectives. It is common that building owners pay the entry fee for buildings in the first year.

You will also be required to provide a few bits of data, including:

  • Past energy consumption data on the buildings with evidence (ideally 3 years worth of data representing years 2019, 2022, and 2023). Existing participants from Season 1 do not need to provide historical data.

  • Gross Internal Area (GIA) of the metered area, with evidence.

  • Any green building certifications.

Energy consumption data should be entered manually on the CUBE platform. 

9. What's expected from tenants?

This competition is intended to be a fun way for tenants to not only collaborate with landlords but also across their various internal teams. Tenants are encouraged to form Green Teams to raise awareness and provide fun opportunities for all their peers to participate in. They are also expected to engage with the landlords and other tenants regularly to develop action plans and track progress for the building.

10. How do I access my candidate platform?

After paying the contribution fee, you are provided with sign in details to the candidate platform. Once you have your sign in details, you can access it via your original link, the top of this website or here

11. What activities and events are being organised throughout the year?

Continuous awareness and momentum are key for bigger impact and we are here to help! For each competition season, we organise the following:

  • Kick off opening event for all participants

  • 2-3 candidate meetings throughout the year

  • Awards ceremony

  • Regular press releases through dedicated PR and participant PR channels

12. What resources will be available to candidates to encourage interest?

A communication kit is distributed to candidates that includes:

  • Posters

  • Stickers

  • Press packs 

  • Technical guides

  • Management guide

  • Case studies

Monthly newsletters will also be shared with interesting stories/news and original initiatives by other competitors to encourage peer motivation.


13. What happens to the building data provided?

  • By registering for the CUBE Competition, participants agree to share the data entered for the purpose of assessing performance and determining rankings.

  • The site description data and energy consumption recovered for the competition are in no way made public, except for the winners of each category of the competition.

  • During the monthly distribution of the rankings, only the names of the top candidates in each category are made public.

  • Participants give the right to use the data for the purpose of calculating statistics for the overall competition but will not for the data to be used in any way that will identify a specific building, company or organisation expect for the winners.

  • The CUBE Competition reserves the right to request energy bills for the year covered by the competition and the right to visit the buildings to verify the data

14. How does CUBE verify that the data provided is accurate?

For the period of two months after the competition ends, CUBE personnel conduct full audits of data provided of up to 20 participants, including walkthroughs of buildings and speaking directly to tenants

Terms and Conditions

15. What happens if the competition is delayed? 

Due to the changing circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition start can be delayed by up to 3 months, after which a full refund can be issued or rolled over to the new start date.  

16. What is the refund policy?

No refunds will be issued within a month of the original start date. If there is a delay of more than 3 months, a full refund can be issued if desired, or your payment will roll over to the new start date. 

17.  Use of communications material?

Participants reserve the right to use all communication materials according to their discretion, including but not limited to, the use of such materials in internal and external communications, press releases, presentations, on their websites, and in other relevant contexts.

18. Liability if the ranking provided is wrong? 

The CUBE Competition explicitly disclaims any responsibility or liability in the event of inaccuracies or errors in the ranking results. Participants acknowledge that the competition will not be held accountable for any incorrect rankings.

19. Who is liable if participant energy performance deteriorates after entering the competition?

The CUBE Competition does not bear responsibility for the energy performance of the buildings participating in the competition. While CUBE offers fundamental guidance and support to assist teams in comprehending their energy performance, it does not assume liability for any consequences resulting from the implementation of this advice.

20. Who is liable if there is a death or injury due to participation in CUBE?

The CUBE Competition is not liable for any death or injuries caused due to participation in the competition.

21. Registrants and entry into the competition

The individual responsible for registering the company for the competition must possess the necessary authorization and approval from the company to undertake this action. Should it be discovered that the individual lacked the proper authority for registration, the company retains the right to withdraw its registration from the competition.

22. Payment terms 

Upon registration, interested participants will receive an invoice and are required to pay the specified contribution fee quoted within a 30-day period following the invoice's issuance.

23. Supplier commencement

Access to the candidate space, resources and PR will be made available from the competition launch date.

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