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Tackling energy waste across all building types

CUBE has launched in the UK with 12 industry-leading names (and counting!) committing a total of 27 buildings to the competition.

From historic head offices in the heart of London to new landmark commercial buildings in the regions, the variety of participants involved in this year’s competition is one of the many things that make it so unique.

Whether your building is new or historic, CUBE can help optimise its usage to reduce energy where it is being wasted. Unfortunately, what is often overlooked is the critical role human behaviour plays in fostering energy savings. While we have made some serious progress within the home, there is also a lot we can be doing in the workplace, too.

So, how does CUBE address this?

CUBE is designed to be light-touch and fun, whereby participants form highly diverse and empowered “green teams” engage in the competition and compete on who can reduce energy the most. This element of gamification is where the true magic lies because, as a behavioural lever, gamification has been proved to be successful across a wide range of sectors. It brings excitement and momentum to a topic that can otherwise be overly technical or difficult to understand.

For example, IKEA has enjoyed success using gamification methods with its ’Better Living’ app, as part of The Count Us In Aggregator, which gamified how people could take climate action. Through the app, the company encouraged customers to compete in challenges to take better care of themselves, their community, and the planet.

It’s the same approach that CUBE has adopted for over six years, with a tried and tested competition that guarantees results.

Enter now while registration remains open to picture your building alongside our participants.


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