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The competition

Who can register?

“We would strongly recommend participating in the CUBE competition and have already mentioned to other organisations” Hayley Fadoju​, Howard de Walden

Who can Register?

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Who can register?

Commercial buildings of any type, including:

Landlords on behalf of the whole building

"I want to improve the relationship with my occupiers and work together to save energy, so I directly submit the building that I own into the competition."

Single occupiers leasing their whole buildings

"I am company renting space from a landlord, but I currently have or can ask for access to my energy bills each month."

Occupier in a multi-let building with sub-metered data

"I only rent a portion of the building but have access to the energy data that my office space uses."

Property Managers on behalf of landlords and occupiers

"I manage a building on behalf of a landlord or occupier and want to bring them closer together. I encourage the landlord or occupier to enter the building and support them during the year."

Asset managers and funds on behalf of portfolio companies

"I own or manage companies that need to reduce their energy. I enter them into the competition to help them kick-start action and prioritise energy consumption."

Occupiers in a building without sub-metered data and without buy in of the wider building

"If I am a small tenant in a large building, my effort may not be reflected in the building-level data, so it can be difficult to meaningfully participate."


What do I need to register?

Whether you have an existing, recently refurbished or a brand new building, there's a league for you:

The Historical Ranking

Bases performance on % energy saved from a previous 1- 3 year baseline (excluding COVID years).

The Absolute Value Ranking

Provide an energy budget to your building based on UK GBC energy office targets. You can participate in either or both, with each requiring only slightly different details:

Confirm whether you are participating in the Historical or Absolute Value leagues depending on whether if you have Historical data

What you need to provide will depend on whether you'll be able to submit Historical or Absolute data

Gross Internal Area (GIA) that matches the consumption readings you are providing

What you need to provide will depend on whether you'll be able to submit Historical or Absolute data

Electricity and gas readings of the Historical period (2019,2022,2023) on the platform

If you are providing Absolute Value, you will need to provide additional variables for the building such as occupancy rate, annual working hours, area per workstation etc.

Monthly consumption readings (kWh) of energy meters when CUBE season starts

Once you are registered, you will need to provide these readings monthly.

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