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CUBE launches in the UK

New competition set to deliver significant energy savings in commercial buildings

CUBE, an innovative competition that enables commercial buildings to make a genuine contribution to net zero, has launched in the UK today. Organised by Ampersand Partners alongside founders A4MT, the competition introduces gamification for energy consumption.

Set up for landlords, building managers and occupiers, CUBE is a community of businesses which understands that achieving net zero starts with reducing energy use in their buildings. It is based on a programme that encourages behavioural change alongside events where participants share ideas, leveraging existing investment in energy savings and pushing each other to do more. For users and employees, it engages everyone in a friendly, fun and collaborative competition to facilitate improved energy performance – one building at a time.

CUBE cuts energy usage and equivalent costs by an average of 12% and up to 55% in a single year.

Originally developed by leading real estate experts A4MT in France, the competition has had widespread industry support and made a huge impact over six years - saving the equivalent of £10.5 million in costs and enough energy to power almost 27,500 UK homes for a year. Successful participants include BNP Paribas, Carrefour and Orange, the latter recouping its entire investment in just four months.

CUBE is about simple interventions that make a big difference. It sets a baseline based on the previous one to three years of energy consumption data, then collects utility bills monthly to assess performance, improvements and highlight successes. With a range of support, tools and ideas from previous competitions, it helps firms identify how to continue to slash energy use.

In the UK, office buildings lose a staggering £60 million in wasted energy every year so every organisation that signs up can only benefit from participation. Once the competition is underway, each entrant receives a monthly ranking, based on the data. The 10 best results are published on a monthly basis and an annual award ceremony celebrates top overall performers.

Greg Borel, Managing Partner at Ampersand, said: “The climate crisis needs urgent attention. CUBE is the only competition that can mobilise the UK business community to positively contribute to achieving net zero from day one. By engaging landlords, building managers and occupiers in a positive programme that requires no significant financial investment, its potential to reduce energy use through changing our behaviour alone is enormous.”

Kristin Marin, who runs the competition in the UK, added: “The magic behind CUBE is the community it creates. By collaborating, everyone wins and many achieve great things, which others then learn from. As a competition, it brings out our competitive streak, injects fun and inspires action. CUBE is a positive force for change, so we urge every business across the country to take the first step and join in - there’s nothing to lose!”

Registration is now open with the competition getting underway from October.

Save energy, cut carbon, reduce cost

About CUBE

CUBE is a sector-led initiative to help commercial building users efficiently reduce their energy consumption.

It’s a competition organised by Ampersand Partners alongside founders A4MT who have been operating CUBE for six years across 12 countries.

If you would like to find out more, please follow us on social media, we’re on Twitter @UKCUBEComp and LinkedIn: @CUBECompetition

For further information contact:

Kate Baker, Holistic, 00 44 (0) 7719 320 354

Kim Taylor, Holistic, 00 44 (0) 7718 158 800


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