The first step towards net zero

A UK wide competition delivering energy savings in commercial buildings.

Save energy, cut carbon, reduce cost

Office buildings lose £60 million in wasted energy every year. In the City of London, the energy wasted could power 65,000 homes.


It’s time to take the first step on the road to net zero. CUBE’s simple programme slashes energy use by an average 12% and up to 55% in a single year, just by changing behaviour and without major investment.

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Calling all landlords, building managers and occupiers

Through changing the behaviour of building occupants, and without major investment, we can transform our energy performance.


Want to cut your energy use and bills by up to 55%? CUBE is the competition that saves energy – one building at a time.

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We are wasting energy in avoidable energy bills

We're wasting millions in  avoidable energy bills

Success is about teamwork, collaboration and community

Achieving net zero carbon is only possible if everyone acts together.  UK landlords and occupiers, and their employees, can make a real difference. 

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Engaging occupants unlocks massive savings

Engage, have fun, make a difference

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Understand usage

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Identify where savings can be made

Align building management to

user behaviour 

Embrace our proven programme

and toolkit

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Make an impact 

Engage everyone

Effect change

Celebrate success

CUBE has a proven formula and
a strong track record

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Operating for

5 years

12 countries


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