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30% of energy used in commercial buildings is wasted.
CUBE is helping to change that.

CUBE, the EU-wide competition delivering energy savings in commercial buildings

You might have heard of us...

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What is CUBE?

CUBE is a year long competition leveraging behaviour change and minor reprogramming to drive down energy use in commercial buildings

"CUBE puts occupiers at the heart of energy saving in commercial buildings. Gamification gets them interested, while collaboration keeps up the momentum." - Mark Bruno, Chief CUBE Ambassador


We are wasting millions each year on avoidable energy bills

With 10 years of experience working with industries across Europe to reduce costs, we started CUBE as a way to tackle this wasted energy head on. We believe that CUBE is just the first step on the journey to net zero transition.


What's in it for participants?

Participants get more than just a medal

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Access to proven toolkit

Resources that provide value and support for your energy efficiency journey.


Teams that ‘keep green’

Engage tenants on the building's net zero and wider sustainability journey with lasting results


Massive savings

See the buildings that have experienced the impact of CUBE

We're just getting started

What can be achieved in only one year?


money saved across 30 buildings


energy slashed.

Enough to power London's underground and overground rail networks for almost a week


annual savings from top performers

What participants say

"CUBE has helped our own internal teams work more closely together towards a clear goal. We are thinking about things we didn’t before and are learning directly from the CUBE community."

- Kate Simmons, RO

Don't just take it from us

Awards and recognition

We're honoured to have been recognised for our continued efforts in bringing people together to work towards a common goal. 


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