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Participant spotlight: in conversation with Stanhope and Savills (Part I)

In the first instalment of our Participant Spotlight series, we sat down with participants from Stanhope and Savills to talk about the importance of sustainability and how they plan to tackle wasted energy in their buildings as part of the CUBE Competition.

Alice Jardine, a core part of the ESG team at Stanhope, was first in the hot seat.

CUBE: In a few words, how important is sustainability overall to your organisation?

"Stanhope recognises that the property industry has a crucial role to play in addressing climate change. Our objective is to leave a legacy of sustainable improvement to the built environment that responds to climate challenges and creates a positive socio-economic impact in the process."

CUBE: Does your company have any explicit energy reduction goals?

"Stanhope is committed to responding to the climate emergency and aligning our strategy with the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement. We have formalised our commitment to a net zero carbon future by signing up to the WGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment in 2020 and decarbonising our business activities by 2030. Working with our delivery partners, we are aligning our managed properties along a Paris-proof energy pathway by 2030, including a target of 50% reduction in operational carbon intensity."

CUBE: What is the primary reason for your company to join the competition?

"We recognise that in order to achieve our climate targets, we must work together with like-minded partners to achieve a common net zero carbon goal. Bringing our occupiers along with us on our energy-reduction pathway is vital to success. The CUBE competition is a fantastic opportunity for collaboration and innovation, and a fun, engaging way for our occupiers to reduce their environmental impact. We are proud and excited to be part of this competition and look forward to seeing how much energy usage we can reduce across our assets."

Stay tuned for part two of our conversation where we’ll be speaking to Madeleine Velupillai, ESG Strategy Manager at Savills.


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