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CUBE is back and bigger than ever!

It’s a new year and we have some big changes coming up!  

Last year CUBE launched its first UK season: 30 buildings participated and saved a staggering 31GWh (£8million equivalent).  

This year the team has been working hard to make our next competition even bigger and better. How are we going to do that?  

We are launching a pan-European version. After over 10 years of success in France, CUBE’s founders (A4MT) are joining forces with Ampersand Partners to challenge all of Europe to reduce their energy waste.  

But wait, there’s more, we are not only talking about office buildings this year.  

CUBE France has welcomed multiple asset classes for a while: from cultural icons such as Opera National de Paris and Paris la Défense Arena to major supermarkets and shopping centres under Carrefour and Klépierre. We want to bring this same opportunity to the UK and the wider European real estate market. So, this year, we are expanding the asset class list to include cultural, education, research, retail, industrial and logistics buildings. 

“We want to bring CUBE to the next level and increase the impact that our community can make. We are so excited to be able to work together with our French counterparts at A4MT to combine our efforts and experience to realise this vision of a larger competition. This is just the beginning, we have big ideas for CUBE in the future” - Mark Bruno, Chief Ambassador, CUBE 

With a larger community there’s greater knowledge that we can share with each other. So come join us, become part of the ever-growing CUBE community and reduce your energy waste now! 


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