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LCAW launches amidst a call for climate action to match ambition

CUBE responds, sharing its new initiative for UK landlords and occupiers

London Climate Action Week is underway. Running from 26 June to 4 July, it aims to highlight how London organisations are leading the way in climate initiatives and spark action globally. It has launched following the announcement last week by the Government’s climate advisors that much more still needs to be done if the UK is to achieve net zero by 2050.

The Climate Change Committee has called for ambition to be matched by action, and we couldn’t agree more. Policy has a key role in driving us to our 2050 goal, but we all have a collective responsibility to help effect change. We all share the same planet, and we can all start doing something today - including anyone that has an office building!

To play our part, last week we launched the CUBE Competition in the UK, an initiative that has been running successfully in France for six years, and which is more about the carrot than the stick, and more about community than individual action.

Critically, it is delivering real impact. Since it started, it has saved enough energy to power 27,500 homes for a year, and equivalent cost savings of almost £10.5 million.

It’s a competition designed for landlords, building managers and occupiers in commercial buildings that runs from October to September each year. It’s really easy to sign up a building or portfolio and provides a programme of tools and tips to help occupants change their behaviour to save energy. Critically, it doesn’t require significant investment and just taking part saves an average 12% of energy in one year.

CUBE is about celebrating success and openly sharing initiatives that have worked well. Joining is a great first step and saving any amount of energy is a huge achievement, which can then be built by trying other activities that have worked for other participants.

Reaching net zero is about coming together, collaborating and working towards a shared goal. As #LCAW2021 gathers again to find global solutions to climate change, we hope to see an emphasis on human behaviour, on people and our critical role in mitigating against climate change in the short and longer term.


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