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The Competition

An innovative competition that helps commercial buildings make a genuine contribution to net zero

CUBE is about gamification, momentum and collaboration

Through friendly competition, we’re bringing landlords, building managers, and occupiers together to reduce their climate impact by improving energy performance in their buildings. 

It proves that any commercial building can slash energy by working together to change behaviour and without major investment.  


Achieving net zero carbon is only possible if everyone acts together. You can all make a real difference.


It’s time to take the first step on the road to net zero. 


What value does CUBE provide?

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CUBE provides the much needed catalyst and framework for internal engagement programmes on energy reduction. It has been doing so across organisations and buildings of all sizes in Europe for the last 6 years, and in the UK for one successful year.

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It uses gamification to rally building occupiers and management together to form highly functioning green teams to tackle energy consumption.

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The AI-backed candidate space provides participants with a view on how the building progresses each month, against its own baseline.

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Drawing on six years of experiences from former participants and industry research, the resources in the candidate space provide further inspiration and ideas. However, the true magic is in the creativity and momentum from participants working together to develop their own action plans and deliver results.

How does it work?

The competition is decided on rankings based on which buildings show the largest energy reduction in percentage terms measured against their own baseline. Here are the steps taken to produce a ranking: 


Submit data

In advance of the competition, you submit 1-3 years of historical energy consumption data at building level alongside some simple building information. 


Set a historical baseline

CUBE engineers develop a historical baseline to which your monthly consumption is compared. It is the baseline that you will be trying to improve on over the year.  


Submit monthly consumption

Throughout the year, submit monthly energy consumption data at building level to compare against your baseline. The AI-backed platform takes into account changes in occupancy levels and extreme weather days each month.


Receive monthly ranking

Receive a monthly ranking* via your dedicated candidate space based on percentage improvement against your own baseline.

*You can only see your ranking, and not the position of other participants. 


Discover the top performers

Find out the month’s top performers via a dedicated newsletter, which will also feature top tips and special interviews with participants.

The CUBE team provides the inspiration and motivation for you to start taking action. The true magic is in the creativity and momentum from occupiers working together to deliver results.


What events and activities happen throughout the year?

  • Kick off meeting with all participants 

  • 3 participant meetings to share initiatives and motivate each other

  • Monthly newsletters featuring spotlights on participants, initiatives, and useful resources 


  • Regular media features

  • Final Award Ceremony to celebrate 

What running CUBE in your organization
looks like in practice

Form green teams

Working with the building managers, the occupiers of each building create their own green teams following the CUBE guidelines on how best to do this.

Building walk-through

Once established, the first step is often for the FM to do a building walk-through with the green team so that both sides understand how things work and where and how they can make the most impact.

define and communicate intiatives

Green teams, including building managers, define an action plan and how to communicate this widely. Examples of how to go about doing this and sample communications (posters, nudges, presentations) are provided on the candidate platform.

Support and feedback through community

The quarterly candidate meetings, which are hosted by fellow CUBE participants, give representatives from the various green teams a chance to meet other participants and discuss what’s worked, what hasn’t and gain insight and support. It’s also an opportunity to do a walkthrough of the host building and see CUBE in action!

Feedback loop

Review the rankings monthly via the newsletter and share them internally as a motivating tool to drive action for the following month.

awards ceremony

A final awards ceremony will be held in May 2023, allowing for two month to audit the top performers. Meet all your peers that you’ve grown with over the past year and find out who topped the league tables in the various award categories!

What you win

There are prizes and awards for:

  • Top performer on percentage energy reduction relative to their own baseline

  • Top performer by sector 

  • Most innovative 

  • Best CUBE Ambassador

  • Special mention: Greatest reduction in absolute terms

*Check out the FAQs for more information on who can enter, data privacy, and other key information.


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