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Image by Charles Deluvio


We’re proud to bring together supporters who share our desire to change the way we use our built environment for the better. For us, success is about teamwork, and it’s the people who support us that help us make a real difference.


“Our mission is to make everyone healthier by improving their environment, in turn allowing people and communities to thrive. Our buildings have a huge impact on our health and productivity. As workplaces reopen and teams start to regroup, it is more critical than ever before that landlords and occupiers ensure these spaces make a positive contribution to our wellbeing.  We need innovative ideas to help us do this and, crucially, to change our behaviour to effect change. I’m delighted to endorse the CUBE competition, a great initiative that makes reducing energy consumption and our impact on the environment easy, engaging and fun.  With a spirit of collective responsibility, I hope every landlord and occupier gets involved, proving how much can be achieved when we do it together.”

Josh Artus, Centric Lab


“SIOR Europe is founded on the principles of team work, collaboration and best practice. When it comes to climate action, we know how critical it is to have a common goal and work together to achieve it. We are therefore pleased to endorse a new UK initiative, called CUBE. Established as a friendly, year-long competition, it brings gamification to reducing energy use in our commercial buildings, with proven results in France where it is in its sixth year. We hope to see many landlords, building managers and occupiers getting involved and playing their part.”


Paul Danks, President of the European Regional Chapter, SIOR


“The climate emergency is a priority for everybody, and particularly for the younger generation. With our built environment one of the biggest emitters of carbon and as a membership organisation representing 5,000 young professionals in property, we celebrate and champion innovation that inspires action. CUBE is a great example – already established in France, it’s a competition that helps landlords, building managers and occupiers encourage behaviour change to cut energy use by an average of 12% and up to 55% in a single year. It’s about taking the first step and making a positive impact, all in the spirit of fun and community.”


Sophie Eastwood, Director at YEP Global

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