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Case Study
Plac Unii Building  

January 2017 - December 2017

Location: Warsaw, Poland 

Screenshot 2024-01-22 172902.png

1 year achievements

3rd Place



Energy savings

252,000 kWh

total savings

Building characteristics


98,450 m2

total area 


Commercial site : 15 500 m²

Office building : 41 000 m²

28 office tenants (H&M, Cubus HQ, ING Bank HQ, Trigon, Andersen Tax & Legal, Veolia



construction completed


3000 - 3300

occupants on average


Climatization, electric heating

Building system

No environmental in use



Car park spaces - 550

Top actions

Management and behaviour

  • Designed internal competition to motivate tenants. 9 tenants representing 23,000 m2 (56%) participated by submitting their energy bills to the property manager. The most efficient were verified and the winning team was invited out for lunch.

  • Held meetings with tenants to share information about the contest and the team’s goals

  • Posted creative flyers and leaflets, using the CUBE 2020 resources (such as stickers and tips)

  • Held free events to raise awareness among tenants

  • Hosted a “Bike day”. Installed bike pumps for those already commuting by bike, as well as additional bike spaces and new showers on the ground floor.

Minor technical and re-programming

  • Lighting, especially in the common areas like the garage, was identified as a considerable source of consumption that could be improved with minimal investment and a quick ROI. The lighting in the garage was updated, with 50% of the lighting programmed to shut down after 19h in the garage

  • The humidity system was also identified as substantial source of consumption and was under analysis to optimise in 2019/2020

  • Some technical constraints were encountered, namely updating screens and the network in the elevators there were also some technical issues with the BMS system while installing new lighting in the parking garage


Don't just take it from us

What RO say

"CUBE provides a unique opportunity for us to collaborate with our tenants as we continue our journey to a more sustainable future. As a landlord, engagement with our tenants is paramount, and improving energy efficiency across our buildings is a key priority for us. CUBE is a first for the real estate sector and the competition comes at an important time"

- Edward Rowlandson, Group Managing Director, the RO

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