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Case Study
Paris La Défense Aréna

Visiting one of London's most iconic buildings, also known as "The Walkie-Talkie," on its Green Team Meeting day was a truly insightful experience. It was exciting to see property managers, tenants, and businesses all in one place, sharing their energy-saving wins through the Go Dark Project and other green efforts.

2021 - 2022

Location: Paris, France

Screenshot 2024-01-30 141148.png

1 year achievements

1st Place  (Podium sports infrastructure)

2nd place  (General)


Energy savings

4,080,500 kWh

total savings

Building characteristics


55,543 m2

total area 



construction completed


construction completed


40,000m2 capacity arena 

33,000 m2 of offices 

300 student rooms


5,000 average occupancy,

40,000 capacity

No environmental in use, No energy manager

Top actions

Management and behaviour

  • Created Green Team and nominated point person per department to share information

  • Security team checked that lights were turned off after hours

Minor technical and re-programming

  • Took advantage of the arena’s large volume and inherent temperature inertia to specify that it would be nether heated nor cooled between 16-21C

  • Implemented a 19C setpoint in the office

  • Dimmed lights when events were not running

  • Fresh air circulation was switched off when events were not running (about 200 days)


Don't just take it from us

What RO say

"CUBE provides a unique opportunity for us to collaborate with our tenants as we continue our journey to a more sustainable future. As a landlord, engagement with our tenants is paramount, and improving energy efficiency across our buildings is a key priority for us. CUBE is a first for the real estate sector and the competition comes at an important time"

- Edward Rowlandson, Group Managing Director, the RO

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