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Case Study
40 Holborn Viaduct

We walked into a pitch-black room, where the building manager said, 'This is how we run meetings now to save energy!' Although fun and lighthearted, the 40 HV team doesn't mess around when it comes to occupier engagement. Through small actions and minor reprogramming, the building achieved major energy savings and became the first-ever winner of the CUBE award

March 2022 - February 2023

Location: London

1 year achievements

1st Place



Energy savings

1,664,711 kWh

total savings

£ 529,316


Building characteristics


16,467 m2

total area 



Construction completed


1 person per 10m2

Occupational density


Trend BMS System

Building systems


8 parking spaces



5 passenger lifts & 1 goods lift Lifts

BREEAM/New Construction (Excellent), Renewable Energy Commitment Certificate, EPCS from D to C 



Top actions

Management and behaviour

  • Conducted regular and quarterly CUBE meetings combined with green committee of building 

  • Circulated newsletters to tenants to create awareness and discuss ideas 

Minor technical and re-programming

  • Installed LED lights and PIR (passive infrared) sensors

  • Turned down the gas boiler flow temperature from 80C to 60C to save energy

  • Optimised chillers and boilers by using programmable thermostats which switch off boilers when outside temperature is 15C and chillers stop running when outside temperature drops to -2C

  • Reduced corridor lighting to 10% and installing motion sensors at garage area to turn off lights
    Installed CO2 sensor on each floor that maintain ventilation system which also reduce the running time of fan coils

  • Used night purging technique in summers that reduce overheating by bringing fresh cool outdoor air at night

  • Limited water purging only to the weekends to reduce the use of water pumps

  • Insulated pipes on roof with aluminium casing which reflects sunlight and prevents heat from being absorbed

  • Have used software tools in the past: demand logic and verso to optimise building performance

Don't just take it from us

What BNP Paribas says

BNP logo.png
“Great to have seen the level of engagements from diverse building stakeholders - from contractors to landlord and building managers to occupiers. It's this level of deep, continuous and diverse collaboration that's needed to reach net-zero and other shared sustainability goals. "

-Joshua Spencer, BNP Paribas RE

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